FalconCLI is a interface between user and Falcon. It is a command line utility provided by Falcon. FalconCLI supports Entity Management, Instance Management and Admin operations.There is a set of web services that are used by FalconCLI to interact with Falcon.

Common CLI Options

Falcon URL

Optional -url option indicating the URL of the Falcon system to run the command against can be provided. If not mentioned it will be picked from the system environment variable FALCON_URL. If FALCON_URL is not set then it will be picked from client.properties file. If the option is not provided and also not set in client.properties, Falcon CLI will fail.

Proxy user support

The -doAs option allows the current user to impersonate other users when interacting with the Falcon system. The current user must be configured as a proxyuser in the Falcon system. The proxyuser configuration may restrict from which hosts a user may impersonate users, as well as users of which groups can be impersonated.

Proxyuser support described here.

Debug Mode

If you export FALCON_DEBUG=true then the Falcon CLI will output the Web Services API details used by any commands you execute. This is useful for debugging purposes to or see how the Falcon CLI works with the WS API. Alternately, you can specify '-debug' through the CLI arguments to get the debug statements. Example: $FALCON_HOME/bin/falcon entity -submit -type cluster -file /cluster/definition.xml -debug

Entity Management Commands

Command Description
Submit Submit the entity definition.
Schedule Scheduled the entity
Suspend Suspends the scheduled entity
Resume Puts a suspended entity back in action
Delete Remove the submitted entity
List Lists the particular type of entity
Summary Shows summary of the type of entity
Update Update already submitted entity
Touch Force update already submitted entity
Status Return's the status of the entity
Dependency List all the entities on which the specified entity is dependent
Definition Return's the definition of the entity
Lookup Return's the feed name for a path
SLAAlert Return's the feed instance which have missed sla

Instance Management Commands

Command Description
Kill Kills all the instances of specified process
Suspend Suspends instances of a specified process
Continue Continue the failed workflow instances
Rerun Rerun instances of specified process
Resume Resume instance of specified process from suspended state
Search Search instances
Status Gets the status of instances
List Gets single or multiple instances
Summary Gets consolidated status of the instances between the specified time period
Running Gets running instances of the mentioned process
FeedInstanceListing Gets falcon feed instance availability
Logs Gets logs for instance
LifeCycle Describes list of life cycles of a entity
Triage Traces entities ancestors for failure
Params Displays workflow params
Dependency Displays the dependent instances

Metadata Commands

Command Description
Lineage Returns the relationship between processes and feeds
Vertex Gets the vertex with the specified id
Vertices Gets all vertices for a key
Vertex Edges Gets the adjacent vertices or edges of the vertex
Edge Gets the edge with the specified id
List Return list of all dimension of given type
Relations Return all dimensions related to specified Dimension

Admin Commands

Command Description
Help Return help options
Version Return current falcon version
Status Return the status of falcon
SetSafeMode Set/unset Falcon Server in safemode

Extension Artifacts Management Commands

Command Description
Enumerate Return all the extensions supported
Describe Return description of an extension
Definition Return the definition of an extension

Extension Job Management Commands

Command Description
List List jobs generated from an extension
Instances List instances of an extension job
Validate Validate an extension job
Submit Submit an extension job
Update Update an extension job
SubmitAndSchedule Submit and schedule an extension job
Schedule Schedule an extension job
Suspend Suspend an extension job
Resume Resume an extension job
Delete Delete an extension job