Migration Instructions

Migrate from 0.9 to 0.10

FALCON-1333 (Instance Search feature) requires Falcon to use titan-berkeleyje version 0.5.4 to support indexing. Up until version 0.9 - Falcon used titan-berkeleyje-jre6 version 0.4.2. GraphDB created by version 0.4.2 cannot be read by version 0.5.4. The solution is to migrate the GraphDB to be compatible with Falcon 0.10 release. Please make sure that no falcon server is running while performing the migration.

1. Install Falcon 0.10

Install Falcon 0.10 by following the Installation Steps. Do not start the falcon server yet. The tool to migrate graphDB is packaged with 0.10 Falcon server in falcon-common-0.10.jar.

2. Export GraphDB to JSON file using Falcon 0.9

Please run the following command to generate the JSON file.

 $FALCON_HOME/bin/graphdbutil.sh export <<java_home> <<hadoop_home>> <<falcon_0.9_home>> <<path_to_falcon-common-0.10.jar>> /jsonFile/dir/

This command will create /jsonFile/dir/instanceMetadata.json

3. Import GraphDB from JSON file using Falcon 0.10

Please run the following command to import graphDB the JSON file. The location of graphDB will be based on property "*.falcon.graph.storage.directory" set in startup.properties file.

  $FALCON_HOME/bin/graphdbutil.sh export <<java_home> <<hadoop_home>> <<falcon_0.10_home>> <<path_to_falcon-common-0.10.jar>> /jsonFile/dir/

This command will import from /jsonFile/dir/instanceMetadata.json, now start the Falcon 0.10 server.